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"Abundance Plus size Boutique" 

Plus size Boutique


Spending time in this store is like spending time with honest girlfriends.  

Admittedly, the prices are not cheap, but the clothes are not either.  And you do get what you pay for in the end.  

Gigi is incredibly helpful and Michele is AMAZING.  She spent so much time with me, and suggested pieces I would never have tried on that shockingly looked terrific!  The level of service in this store is unmatched as far as plus size shopping is concerned.  I didn't feel awkward because of my size,

I didn't feel pressured to fit in to something unflattering, I felt celebrated and was given a boost of confidence!  And I left with unique, funky pieces that I love.  Thank you, Abundance!

Lisa R.

Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Abundance  Plus Size Boutique

Abundance lives up to its name.

This is a fabulous shop for a plus-size woman who loves clothes, loves fabric, and loves her body.  Clothing runs from moderately priced to rather expensive, and all comes with lots of personal service, knowledgeable encouragement, and respect.  

While there are some conservative brands there (Eileen Fisher, etc.) there is also the wildly inventive, and the staff are helpful about suggesting things that you  might not try on your own (bubble skirt?  on ME?  are you kidding?  well... hmmm... I tried it and was dumbfounded.  I liked it.  And if I hadn't liked it, they would not have pushed it.)

Abundance has the largest selections of Tianello and Vicky Vi separates and standards I've seen anywhere in sizes 14-26.  They've also got lots of wilder stuff (URU, some labels I'd never seen before) and it is FUN.

Ruth A.

Oakland, CA

It has been awhile since I visited LA but when I was back there over the Labor Day weekend I made it my first order of business to head to Abundance and shop for a special occasion dress. And I do mean it was my first order of business - after picking up my rental car at LAX, I immediately pointed my car north with my first stop being at Abundance.

Of course, I found THE PERFECT DRESS and they were having a crazy sale so I also found lots of other fun, creative and elegant pieces that I gladly paid for and brought home with me to Palo Alto.

Thanks to Michele and the crew there for doing such a great job and providing women of fuller-figure a superb place to shop for sublime clothes.

Rebecca B.

Palo Alto, CA

Like other shoppers here, I don't even live in Los Angeles, but I do find time to shop here anytime I am within 100 miles of this store.  I first stopped by their store in Beverly Hills, but they both carry similar items and this one is closer to my friend's house in Granada Hills.

I can't begin to tell you how much FUN it is to shop here.  They really are service oriented and will push the envelope about what you might wear without actually pressuring you to buy something you don't really love.  And they don't have to use pressure sales tactics because I guarantee if you love fine fabrics and fabulous clothes you will walk out of here with plenty of great finds.  I wear a black and grey big shirt from here almost every week.  It's great for traveling.  I have a pair of Italian pants that are so lightweight they feel great even in the Las Vegas heat.  Save your pennies as long as you need to, but come and try on some glorious clothes.

Kelly S.

Pasadena, CA

This place is amazing! It's been so long since people were so kind and accommodating to me to help me find a dress for a special occasion. I was treated like a virtual princess by Charmayne, as she guided me through the myriad of designs available, always focusing on my specific needs. She listened to my requirements and dutifully accessed many dresses that fit my specifications.

Michele then gave me excellent advice by commenting on my choices, from a completely objective perspective. She also then showed me a beautiful piece which I had not even considered previously.

The 5 stars I give are completely sincere, if you are a "big lady" looking for beautiful, smart clothing, I sincerely recommend the wonderful store, that is, Abundance.

Rachel B.

Dublin, Ireland

I was visiting LA and needed a dress for a party! I'm a size 18 and in my mid-20's so it can be a challenge to find something cute and flattering. We first went the mall and it was a flop. Not from the area, I turned to yelp and typed in "plus size" near LA. I found Abundance and we began the 20+ min journey with traffic.

I FOUND THE BEST DRESS! The woman who helped us was WONDERFUL! She listened to what I needed and pulled out a few dresses. As expected, some of the styles were a little to mature for me, but I found 3 possible dresses and even if they didn't fit, she said they could order it in my size. Well, I tried on the only one I really loved and even though I thought it was a size too small, it fit GREAT! It was even on sale TWICE! It was about $170 marked down to about $110 and then with the current sale, it cost about $85.

Excellent experience. 5 stars easily. I'll be back next time I'm in LA!

Amanda J.

San Jose, CA

My first trip to Abundance was like my first trip to Disneyland -- truly magical.  And, the folks at Abundance have never failed me.  They always have a terrific range of amazing styles that look and feel great, and have plenty of sizes to choose from.  So, instead of painfully paying for items that I don't really like (but fit), as I have in certain department stores, at Abundance, I always fall in love with many more items than I need, and end up having to choose which ones to leave behind.  It's a wonderful feeling.  Enjoy!

Molly H.

Los Angeles, CA