Nothing is more luxurious than the fabulous silk by Citron.

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Citron Plus Size Duster FF1 Flowers

Mandarine Shirt FF Plus Size

Plus Size Jacket - leaves

Plus Size Pullover Tunic - GDL

Plus Size Mandarine Top - GDL

Plus Size Duster - one of a kind

Citron -p1027 mandarine collar MJP plus  sizes

MJP Black Mandarine Collar Shirt

Citron -p1027 mandarine collar MJP sage plus  sizes

MJP Sage Mandarine Collar Shirt

Citron -P0804 Open Jacket  MJP black plus  sizes

MJP Black Open Front Jacket

Citron -P0804 Open Jacket  MJP sage plus  sizes

MJP Sage Open front Jacket

Citron Plus Sizes

Citron Plus sizes

citron plus silk kimono jacket

Citron jacket plus sizes

citron plus size mandarine shirtcitron plus size mandarine shirt